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State-Of-The-Art Machinery And An Old-Fashioned Work Ethic

With the latest in CNC machinery, we can machine custom parts of varying sizes, complexities, and tolerances.  We can turn a part from 1/2″ up to 79” and mill a part from 1/4” up to 60” for an impressive work envelope.  Our full range of modern CNC machinery – not to mention complimentary machines – gives you one source for whatever you need made.  Plus, we can take any part from concept to completion.

But technology is only as good as the people using it, so our machinery is run by a hardworking, highly-trained workforce that includes certified machinists and welders.  Saying they have a commitment to quality is putting it mildly.

Our extensive array of modern machinery includes:

Mighty Viper 16/20M Mighty Viper 12/16M
Mighty Viper VTL 16/20M
w/ Live Tooling
Max Turning Dia of 79”
Mighty Viper VTL 12/16M
w/ Live Tooling
Max Turning Dia of 63”


Horizontal Machining Centers
Haas EC-1600
Haas EC-1600 Horizontal Machining Center
w/ 4th Axis Rotary Table
Travels: X=64”, Y=50”, Z=32”


Vertical Machining Centers
Mighty 1370AG Haas VF-2 Haas Mini-Mill
Mighty Viper 1370AG Vertical Machining Center
Travels: X=59” Y=30” Z=20”
Haas VF-3 Vertical Machining Center
Travels: X=40” Y=20” Z=25”
Haas Mini Mill Vertical Machining Center
Travels: X=16” Y=12” Z=10”


Vertical Machining
Mighty 3210 Bridge Mill
Mighty Viper 3210 Bridge Mill
Travels: X=120” Y=80” Z=49”


Turning Centers
Haas ST-30 Haas SL-30 w/ Tailstock Haas SL-30 Haas GT-20
Haas ST-30 Turning Center
with Tailstock & Big Bore
Max Turning Dia of 21”
Haas SL-30 Turning Center
with Tailstock
Max Turning Dia of 17”
Haas SL-30 Turning Center
Max Turning Dia of 17”
Haas GT-20 Turning Center
Max Turning Dia of 11”


Toolroom / Fabrication Equipment
Acer Engine Lathe Acer Mill Fixture Table Lincoln TIG Welder 375
Acer Engine Lathe Acer Mill Strong Hand Fixture Table Lincoln TIG Welder – Precision 375
Welbee MIG Welder - P-400 Saw
Welbee MIG Welder – P-400 Marvel Spartan S20V Vertical Bandsaw


TYKMA zetalase XL 50 watt fiber laser with a marking field of 6.25 X 14.5


Other Capabilities
10 Ton Bridge Crane